What is the DEAL?!

What is the deal with these things? Smartphones are getting bigger and lighter. Have you noticed? I like the larger screens and it’s “nice” that they’re becoming so light that I’m almost afraid to let them go – like helium filled balloons. But are a few ounces extra going to make or break a deal between devices?

What IF?! Hypofuckingthetically! The iPhone 6 had a battery that was 25% heavier than the battery in the iPhone 5 – and lasted 25% longer? What if?! What if…?

Would iPhone owners flock to the Samsung Galaxy S5, Motorola MotoX, LG Nexus 5 and HTC One M8?! Or vise verse?!

What the F’ing PIGEON NECK do you think? What would YOU do? What would JESUS do…?


Smartphones and their silly batteries
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