Who else is enjoying ObamaCare as much as the rest of us?  My wife’s chiropractor doesn’t want to honor her remaining PRE-PAID sessions because they don’t equal the cost of what the payments should now be under ObamaCare. I forget what they call it but the name of the “plan” sounds economical although it costs more than what she was paying to begin with… Hooray for ObamaCare!

Now that being said, I do realize there are SOME good things about ObamaCare. It’s not all bad. But it’s a shame how we’re all being forced to switch. Danielle and I are still using our original plan but we’ll eventually need to switch over – by law…

A friend of mine was paying $1200 per month for his family under his previous plan. Under ObamaCare, $2400 per month. Nice, huh?

But I realize how it works. If it wasn’t for some of us paying twice as much for health care for our families, than how would the guy who didn’t study in school or apply himself afterwards be able to pay for his own family’s health care? So I suppose it all works out in the end.

My wife and I are anxious to switch over to ObamaCare so we can help spread the wealth for (lazy) less fortunate individuals…


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