I remember once going to the dentist and being told I had ten cavities. For a kid in his early teens that was about the worst news you could get – besides F’s on your report card or a letter in the mail from school. I’d be lying if I said I never experienced any of those aforementioned things. 😮

I’ve had plenty of bad dentist visits as a kid – including having six teeth abstracted in one day. But since I turned sixteen years old or so the coast has been clear. I’m now going on forty three years of age and haven’t had a cavity in about twenty seven years.

Part of this I owe to Listerine. I’m a bit of a Listerine junky. I use it occasionally throughout the day – as well as through the night whenever I wakeup to use the bathroom. And considering I drink a good bit of water before bed, that happens at least a couple of times every night.

I also love, love, love Plackers. I never used dental floss but now I do every night thanks to this awesome invention. This has allowed for a huge improvement in my dental health and now my dentist visit every six months is quick, painless and easy. My gums weren’t doing all too well several years ago – but they’re fine now. I also have hardly any tartar.

Last but not least I feel I should mention Orbitz sugarless gum. I chew quite a bit of it and I’m pretty confident it helps keep my teeth clean between meals.

Good dental hygiene is more important than most people are aware of. It directly affects the rest of your health and well being – even your heart. When was your last cavity or dental issue?

#Listerine, #Plackers and #Orbitz – I haven’t had a cavity in 27 years
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