On the way home from the gym this morning, which is ten minutes away, I spotted five police cars. It was a mix of both our local Sheriff’s Department and Police Department. Five. And that’s not including unmarked police cars – which are always cruising around Palm Beach County. It was actually kind of a slow morning as I normally see more.

This is normal to me but I have a lot of guests fly in from other states, mostly northern states in the New York area, and they always comment about the police presence.

When you envision South Florida, you probably see lots of retired people living in condos. And while that’s not exactly how it is here – there ARE a lot of retired people living in Palm Beach County. And most of the area is at least fairly affluent. There ARE a lot of local gangs – but aren’t they everywhere?

You could easily see ten police cars during your trip to the local grocery store. I remember driving around in New York and hardly every seeing a police car. And most people tell me that these days they rarely see police on their way to or from work. So what’s the deal? Is Palm Beach County the most dangerous place in America? What would happen if we didn’t have police EVERYWHERE at all times? Is the human element here so criminal that we can’t maintain order without armed guards all around us? Is this where humanity IS at this point?

Is it like this near you?

edit: 09.24.2014 – The SUV was on the way to the gym this morning. The sedan was on my way back home from the gym this morning. And there were countless marked police cars all over the place. I really have to wonder just what kind of people I’m living with in Palm Beach County…

1. Obvious “unmarked” vehicles
2. Not so obvious “unmarked” vehicles
3. Sheriff’s Department vehicles
4. Police Department vehicles
5. State Troopers

…all on the road simultaneously…

IMG_20140924_075129 IMG_20140924_120638

Is Palm Beach County The Most Dangerous Place In America?
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