I’m at Universal Studios for opening weekend of Halloween Horror Nights. If you’ve been here before you know you bump into various bars and eateries everywhere as you walk around. My nephew and I went to one of the bar stands and ordered drinks. There was another person on line that we were talking to so we bought them a drink as well. We all had refillable cups (you pay extra for the cup and then get a discount on drinks all night)…

The young girl taking the money at the register grabbed all three cups, in no specific order, and handed them to a young man behind her, again in no specific order, and he started filling the cups.

Do you see the problem here? Who’s cup/drink is who’s? Apparently that’s not part of the training program or at all important to people who work at Universal Studios. They just grab all the cups, fill ’em up and hand ’em out. It doesn’t matter if anyone has herpes or is sick with some other type of communicable disease.

So if and when you go to one of these events, be sure to keep an eye on your refillable cup or you might get your drink in somebody else’s dirty used cup. Real sanitary, Universal Studios. Thanks for looking out for your customers…

Unsanitary Practices at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
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