I’ve had this idea in my head for a long, long, LONG time – and since it still hasn’t been “done” yet – I suppose it’s not such a good idea. But, I like it. 🙂

Automobiles need indicators placed somewhere on the rear of the vehicle that shows what’s going on concerning the accelerator pedal. Let’s say you’re speeding along at seventy miles per hour on the highway. You’re an acceptable distance behind the vehicle in front of you but if the driver slams on the brakes at that speed – chances are you’re not going to stop in time. You’re either going to hit the car or swerve out of the way causing all kinds of problems around you.

If there were a small indicator light on the back of vehicles that displayed two states:

1. Foot off the accelerator pedal
2. Foot hovering over the brake pedal

…it would save countless lives and spare many thousands of people of accidents. Perhaps insurance companies would offer discounts for vehicles that would have this option…

So now you’re traveling at seventy miles per hour on the highway and the driver of the vehicle in front of you takes their foot off the gas pedal. A small yellow light displays somewhere on the back of the vehicle. As their foot hovers over the brake pedal that same light turns orange…

Simple. Inexpensive. Saves lives… No brainer?

I have a bazillion dollar idea…

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