I’m F’ing frustrated. Why is everything geared toward women on television? Can’t watching T.V. be a mutually beneficial activity? Or do I need to put on the Speed Channel and watch a bunch of T&A to escape from chick flicks for awhile?

So. American Horror Story. The main male character appears to be in his late 40s and is in as perfect shape (like a mini body builder) as a woman wants a man to be – carefully selected as to not be “too” muscular. The main female character is also in her late 40s and, as expected, wears a lot of clothing – always. But I’m not complaining as she probably looks a lot better covered.

The male character “apparently” had sex with one of his 21 year old students but we didn’t see any of her. The female character got railed by some masked guy covered in leather from head to toe in what could only be described as a “fantasy rape” scene. Again, of course, we didn’t see anything of the woman except for her face and shoulders (again, probably for the best).

Of course, we saw the mini body builder fully naked from the back and waist up several times in the episode – including once while he masturbated to orgasm. Oh, I can’t forget to add that there was a young woman (house keeper) who also masturbated, fully clothed, for one split second (if you caught it).

So is there anything I’m actually supposed to like about this show? So far it appears to be for women who are “actually” attracted to men and men who are attracted to men. I’m heterosexual. Are there any “good” television shows for me?

This planet is ridiculous…

I finally watched an episode of American Horror Story last night. And I was horrified.

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