I’m a car nut. A genuine, certified (if certification were possible) car nut. A true automobile “enthusiast”. A lot of people say the same thing about themselves, but most of the time that’s not exactly accurate. Not that there’s anything WRONG with that – it’s just something “different”. Me? I love ALL cars. I can find something I like about ANY automobile on the road. Even a Yugo.

Most people like the make or model THEY own. I see it all the time. People calling themselves automobile enthusiasts – yet hating cars like the Dodge Challenger/Charger Hellcat. If you’re a true automobile enthusiast – you cannot hate the Hellcat. Period. Same goes for “enthusiast cars” like the twin turbo Toyota Supra, Nissan 300ZX or Mazda RX7. If you can’t appreciate somebody modifying an Acura Integra Type R, twin turbo Audi S4, Camaro SS or Mustang GT – how can you be an automobile enthusiast?

Even so, I still find it AWESOME to see people so passionate about the make or model THEY own. The only thing different about me, as an enthusiast, is I like my car, your car, his car and her car. I like them all… I like the lowrider with the thirteen inch wheels. I like the car with the twenty-five inch spinners. I like cars from Japan, Germany, of course America, Australia, China, Russia, India. I like sports cars, luxury cars, full-size SUVs, wagons (or Avants) and everything in between.

I like automobiles (I’ll just call them “cars” from now on) so much that I’ve got a bunch of websites and forum communities dedicated to all kinds of makes and models. And now I’m finally finished (I use that word lightly) developing an “app” for car nuts like us.

You don’t need to be an “enthusiast” – all you need to do is like cars. Your own, somebody else’s, one you might own in the future, or one you simply WANT. My app is sort of a way for me to keep my finger on the pulse of everything “car” related. It keeps me “connected” with all of you. Because whether you’re a true enthusiast or not – you’re passionate about cars – and that’s very cool in my book…

Originally I came up with the app idea because I was home alone on a Thursday night while my wife was visiting family out of state. I looked for meets and shows online and came up empty. I really WISHED there was an app out there that would help me find other enthusiasts online and either meet up for an event or, perhaps, create one of my own and then invite all the car nuts around me.

Since there’s nothing out there like this – I had to create it. It’s been two years in the making and it’s finally ready for iPhone users. Have an Android device? Maybe you wouldn’t mind helping out by downloading our “pre release” version. If you don’t have an iOS or Android device you could always check things out at our very BETA website: http://carsconnected.com (the “true design” isn’t quite ready yet).

You might have already guessed, it’s called Cars Connected. Cars Connected brings car lovers together in real life – in real time. Of course it’s free.

Once you download the app you can see what’s going on with other enthusiasts everywhere as they post status updates to the community – sort of like Twitter or Facebook. When you sign up you’ll see what’s going on in YOUR general vicinity – which is determined in your settings. If you leave everything as is it’ll show you what’s going on within a 300 mile radius.

You can create a profile for yourself and then sub profiles for your vehicle(s).

When things get going and I can actually start marketing the app to everyone – you’ll see a list of local clubs. Join a club and you’ll get to see what’s going on inside (pictures, videos, meets, status updates, etcetera). Or create and manage a club of your own. It’s easy.

The same goes for local events. You’ll see a list of events going on in the area. RSVP and you’ll have the same access to see discussions, pictures, videos and more. Or start your own event, meet, car show – whatever. It’s easy.

There’s a spot for local classified ads too.

When clubs or events are created in your area (within that radius I mentioned) you can be notified if you want (check your settings). Same goes for classifieds…

Oh and my favorite – set your account as “Race Track Ready”. This will throw up a racing flag and let other people in the area know you’re looking for a race. Of course, “race track” is the key term here. No street racing, people…

All that being said, the iPhone app and website are up and running but are constantly being improved. We only just launched and there’s a few bugs here and they’re that we’re working on RIGHT NOW. I took a quick break to write up this message as I’m excited to see everything beginning to come together.

Anyway. Check it out! Give it a shot. It’s a REALLY cool app and there’s a LOT more interesting features coming your way. Trust me. You’ll like what’s coming. But I think you’ll love what’s already in place…

iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id698700544?mt=8
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.carsconnected

If you need help getting it installed on your Android device, let me know. To begin with you’ll need your security settings configured to allow app installs from outside the app store – since it’s not there yet…

Let me know what you think!

Thank you!

Sal C.

Calling All Car Nuts. Yes, all of you…
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