So I wanted to go out and have a few drinks this past Saturday night and didn’t want to be driving. I started using Uber a month or two ago and really like the service. This was my third “Uber” and, as usual, it went well. The car/driver picks you up right away (usually about 5 minutes) and before you know it you’re where you want to be. You don’t need to bring money with you as everything is paid for through the app – including tip. This makes things really easy.

To note, Uber seems to be a good bit less expensive than a taxi cab – and there’s a TON less waiting time to get picked up. Now I HAVE heard about Uber rates being more expensive at peak times when things are busy – especially in well populated areas. I was in downtown Orlando this past Saturday and got to experience that.

My drive down town cost $30.00. The drive BACK would have cost $300… You read that right… $300. It was a 25 minute drive. So I was either going to call a cab or try Lyft. I downloaded the Lyft app, requested a ride (which arrived in less than 5 minutes) – total price: $35.00 (including the $10.00 tip I gave the driver).

The end.

This weekend I had an experience with Uber and Lyft
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