Have you been through any department stores lately? I’ve been in the marketing field so I notice all the advertisements for clothing, cologne, perfume, etcetera. Female models are almost always smiling. Male models almost always have a serious look on their face – but the surroundings and situations don’t always dictate a necessity for such a serious look.

I figured out why this is happening. It’s because all male models are sucking their cheeks in. When did cheeks get such a bad rap? I can understand if you have a pound of cheek hanging off each side of your face – but these guys all have ultra low body fat to begin with. Do they really need to look like they’re starving? Is that the look that women like these days? Serious, sophisticated, without appetite…

If you notice these ads while you’re shopping around this holiday season and ask yourself, “Where are all the smiles?” – rest assured you know – they’ve been replaced with the look of a man sucking his cheeks down his own throat. Protruding cheeks are no longer acceptable in our ever-growing crazy society.

While walking around the mall yesterday – I did spot one guy sort of smiling in an ad. He was straining to get that grin on his face while holding his cheeks in between his teeth. It was not a very natural look. One guy in another ad had his jaw bone almost coming out of his skin. This is the look? Really?

If they don’t have cosmetic surgery to give men the appearance of concave cheeks, I’m sure it’ll be available soon. Perhaps you can take that idea and run with it. You’ll be a billionaire before you know it…

Oh and before I sign out of here… The ad below isn’t really a great example – but an example nonetheless. I need to take some pictures next time I walk around in the mall. Especially one of the guy with the jaw bone sticking out of his face…

What’s your opinion? I’d love to know…

concave cheeks
Concave Cheeks – The Look

Edit: Okay. I went to the mall again today. Here’s the ad with the guy who has a bone sticking out of his face. What the FOGGLE doggle is going on here? Maybe we all need surgery to add this bone as a feature if we’re thin and you still can’t see it. (Click the image to expand to full resolution)


Male model arrested, deported for smiling in cologne advertisement
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