Is it just me or does anyone else avoid shopping at certain stores because of hawk-like sales people who just won’t leave you alone? I realize they’re lonely and bored with nothing to do – but it really annoys the hell out of me. At my local Dillard’s – as SOON as you open the door at the entrance – they’re honing in on you. Once you step foot in their direction – they’re ON you like a hawk swooping down to peck you to death.

I just so happen to enter my local shopping mall from the Dillard’s entrance and there’s a lot of really nice men’s clothing at that specific spot. I used to go look a bit and I’d surely buy a few things but I can’t stand feeling like I’m walking into a car dealership – which everybody, almost universally, hates…

Does upper level management know how this makes people feel? Does it actually earn more revenue for the business this way? I mean, I suppose enough people are pressured into buying things by these sales people – that the owner of the company and stock holders and blah blah blah – all make much more money as a result. I can only hope because I certainly hope this isn’t happening “at a loss” for the company.

Anyway. I imagine that since I’m a space alien I could be alone in this feeling. Let me know. Okay? Seriously. Hit the damned comment button and tell me how you feel. I’d really like to know.

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