I was scrolling through Google Plus (I farking LOVE Google Plus) and found this weird post and discussion about how terrible Chinese women are – entitled, “My Chinese Wife Set a Trap!“. Since commenting is only enabled if you send your thoughts to the webmaster – and looking at the site tells me that my opinion would never make it public – I’ll leave my response right here on my own blog…

First of all. You cannot lump ALL Chinese women into one specific category like this guy does. I’m sure there are some gold diggers out there. In fact, it would be extremely odd if there weren’t. All kinds of people like and want money. Unfortunately, money is extremely important these days. Without it, you cannot survive.

What I’m gathering from the responses is that Chinese women are “generally” nicer to “men” than, say, American women. Further reading elsewhere tells me that, “GENERALLY”, western women are more fussy, demanding, blah blah blah – than eastern women are – most specifically – Asian women.

In ANY relationship – both people have to bring certain qualities to the table. If you’re an ugly man and expect to have (and retain) a beautiful wife – you MUST bring something valuable to the table. This guy apparently wasn’t very attractive – and he didn’t really have a good job. If you’re an ugly man you damn well better either make a lot of money or be really good in bed. And you’re not going to be really good in bed if you’re ugly. You’re just not going to have had enough experience. Maybe if you have a huge penis your wife can/will have something to brag about to her friends. I don’t know. Maybe that would be enough. Maybe. If you’re lucky…

If you’re ugly and you want a beautiful wife – and you don’t have a lot of money – and you don’t have a big penis – GET your F’ing ass in the GYM and at least get into good shape. For God’s sake at least give your woman SOMETHING to be proud of you for… But don’t expect to bring NOTHING meaningful to the table in a relationship with a beautiful woman. Life just isn’t that easy and nothing is free. You know that. So stop complaining and get your act together…

Ugly American Men and Chinese Women

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