I don’t know how it is for you – but when I go out drinking with my friends – they’re always trying to get me to drink more than necessary. For example – I could buy a bottle of saki, drink it, buy another and then “milk” that one for awhile. However, one of my friends will always be there filling my shot glass as quickly as I empty it into my stomach.

Why do they do this? Do your friends do the same thing?

I drink with specific goals in mind – to relax and get that heavily buzzed feeling. That makes me happy. Drinking more than that – getting drunk to the point where I can’t walk straight, have slurred speech or act like an idiot – is more than I want. To me, drinking passed the point where I want to be is like driving ten miles passed my destination. It doesn’t make any sense.

Regardless, somebody is always there trying to feed me more drinks. What satisfaction do people get out of seeing somebody drink too much alcohol to the point they no longer feel “good”? If you have any thoughts, opinions, criticisms or stories of your own that you’d like to share – please comment. 🙂

Why is it that your friends always want you to drink too much?
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