Do yourself and everyone around you a big favor – don’t believe everything you hear or read. You’re smarter than that. There’s so much ridiculous stuff going on these days – especially in the news – and especially related to politics. Take the latest news for instance, “Taliban terrorists kill 145, mostly children” – a school was allegedly attacked. Who knows what really happened?! Have American soldiers ever killed kids in a school? Maybe it was an accident. Maybe there were enemy soldiers hiding there. Maybe the story is completely different than whatever actually happened. Maybe it had nothing to do with the “Taliban”. They allegedly made a statement saying it was “revenge”. Really? They actually WANT everyone in the world to hate them? Sure, that’s believable.

My suggestion to you is to remember that you were not born yesterday. In fact, please – say it to yourself right now. “I was not born yesterday”. And while you’re at it take a deep breath. If things around you – especially politics in the news – do not directly affect you, your family, loved ones or close friends – ignore them. It’s not worth the stress. Stress is a killer. You’ve heard it before. It even causes cancer. Stop worrying about what’s going on 5,000 miles away – or even 5 miles away from whatever is important to YOU. You’ll live longer. And you’ll be happier. Why be/get mad about all this nonsense that’s going on in the world? You/We don’t even know what’s REAL anymore. We really, truly have no idea…

Pay attention to YOU and YOURS. Please. Post a link to this blog so other people get the message. It’s an important message. Here’s the link to copy and paste:

I wasn’t born yesterday. And neither were you! Please share this message…

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