Okay, I shouldn’t lie. My wife really stumbled upon this – and swore by it – but now I’m finally a true believer.

First – a little history that’ll explain why I’m so psyched about this discovery… When I was growing up – I was always sick. No, not literally “always” – but you know what I mean. I seem to have had a weak immune system for as long as I can remember. Sore throats were my biggest enemy – and I got ’em a lot…

When I moved to Florida I started working from my home office – and I pretty much never got sick anymore. Not until I really started going out a lot again a couple of years ago. So now I’m back to my old sick three or four times per year thing.

My wife rarely ever got sick but when she did she’d use this stuff called “Dr. Zarbees“. <– Click there to see a whole bunch of Dr. Zarbees’ products for kids and adults. The two I use specifically are Zarbees Daytime and Zarbees Nighttime (with melatonin to help you sleep).

My studies (which should save you a lot of time) indicate that the “special sauce” here is ZINC! Holy moly the secret special ingredient is right there. Now DON’T GET ME WRONG! Dr. Zarbees is still important because it has supporting ingredients that go along with it. My results with Zinc have been excellent but they’re always better along with the supporting ingredients.

Now that you know the secret – here’s how I use it to eradicate any colds before they beat the crap out of me. Nowadays I take a multivitamin every day. I specifically take one of the Megamen variants. The female version is called “Women’s Ultra Mega“. Great, great stuff right there.

I also take a separate Vitamin C supplement. I take a 1000mg Vitamin C two times every day. If that big number scares you and you’d rather have less – you can take the 500mg version. If you’d rather have a nice tasty drink with 1000mg of Vitamin C and lots of other immune system supporting ingredients – you can take “Emergen-C“. It comes in all kinds of really great flavors. Even better, but I think a little more expensive is Airbourne.

Now for the details… I’m going on forty-four years old so I know my body very well by now. I know when I’m getting sick. Usually one day out of the blue I’m extremely tired and run down – and within one or two days TOPS – I start getting a familiar bad feeling in my throat. At that point I know I’m going to be sick for the next several days and my throat is going to hurt like hell for at least twenty-four hours. And after that – when my throat feels better – I’ll surely be sneezing like crazy for nearly a week and I can have a cough that lasts for a month or more.

Over the past six months or so I’ve had this happen two or three times now. As SOON as I get that bad feeling in my throat – I take 50mg of Zinc. I may take, over the course of the day, three or four 1000mg L-Lysine pills as well. But I’m not quite sure how affective it really is.

So far each time I was getting sick – and I was 110% convinced I’d wake up during the night or the following morning with a screeching hellish sore throat – NNOOTTHHIINNGG. Nothing. Nothing. The cold never came.

From reading I’ve learned that Vitamin C doesn’t cure a cold – but helps prevent it. Zinc cures a cold. It appears that this one two punch really works. Vitamin C every day to keep my immune system strong enough to fight a cold if and when I get one – and Zinc to make the cold go running for it’s life.

If you hate being sick – there’s NO reason to NOT have these products in your life. Order them. They’re not expensive and they’ll help keep you healthy. At the VERY least you should have them on hand for when that big vacation is coming up – you can be prepared. Because there’s nothing worse then being sick on your vacation.

Now I probably need to add a disclaimer because if I don’t – I’ll get sued. So here it goes. I’m not a doctor. None of this really works. It all sucks. Don’t take any of it. Don’t listen to me.


I found the secret to annihilating a cold before it kicks your butt
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