Do the world a favor and share this. This is important information for everyone as we’re all either going to deal with breast cancer or prostate cancer ourselves some day – or have a loved one who does…

Yale University conducted research which found that men who ate the most vegetables of the cruciferous variety reduced their risk of spreading aggressive prostate cancer by 50 percent. The men tested had two servings or more of these vegetables each week, generally cauliflower and broccoli. While eating, an enzymatic reaction produces nutrients named diindolylmethane (DIM) and Indole-3-carbinol (I3C). Unfortunately, boiling, steaming, or microwaving can greatly reduce effectiveness – up to 58 percent. So eating these vegetables raw (or perhaps you could lightly saute them) will help maximize the amount of DIM and I3C that can be formed.

Luckily, supplements of DIM and I3C can provide more than enough of these potent nutrients in a one pill containing far more DIM and I3C than a serving of these cruciferous vegetables.

In regards to breast cancer: If too much estrogen goes down a pathway named 16aOHE and is considered “bad” because it stimulates the growth of breast cancer. Balancing this issue is an estrogen pathway named 2OHE, which is considered “good” as it offers protection against breast cancer. It is known that women with breast cancer have higher levels of 16aOHE. The ratio of good to bad is a strong indicator for risk of breast cancer.

Research has demonstrated in women at risk for breast cancer that a dose of 300mg to 400mg per day of I3C can vastly change the ratio of estrogen metabolism, boosting the good and reducing the bad.  Trials using less than 200mg were ineffective.

In regards to prostate cancer: It’s been shown that I3C can interact directly with cancer cells of the prostate – and kill them. It’s also been shown that I3C lowers PSA (prostate specific antigen). I3C interacts directly with the androgen receptor and reduces the ability for prostate cancer to spread.

As a side note: I3C helps prevent weight gain on a high fat diet. As you probably already know – the more fat you have on your body – the more prone you are to cancer. I3C helps the body’s fat burning genes work better.

In many cases just one pill of I3C and DIM has the ability to provide an equivalent of five to ten servings of the needed vegetables for breast cancer and prostate cancer prevention. It appears that women need 400mg of I3C daily while men need 600mg daily.

The links provided throughout this message take you to Amazon to buy what you need from a well trusted source (you’ll probably recognize the labels). Solaray DIM and NOW I3C. If you want to take the ULTRA easy route (like taking a couple of pills isn’t easier than eating raw broccoli and cauliflower) you can use this proprietary blend of both DIM and I3C. However, since it’s a proprietary blend – we don’t know exactly how much of each is in a pill. Plus, the brand name isn’t as popular as Solaray and NOW.

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Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Prevention and Potential Reduction
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