The Media is a very powerful tool to spread propaganda. Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. To people who are already in charge – it’s the best way to prevent a revolt – which is an attempt to put an end to the authority of a person or body by rebelling.

As you’re probably very aware – sometimes revolution is necessary. However, with proper propaganda – there can likely be no revolution. Many people in this country feel that America is changing for the worse. Not all the change is bad. Some of the change is very good. But some of the change is very bad. And it’s the bad change that many people are actively being pacified into accepting – instead of speaking out about – or revolting…

In some countries there is no freedom of speech – so people don’t speak up about things they don’t like fearing imprisonment or worse. That’s not the case in America – so the media is used as a tool to fool the masses into believing that there are only a very few people who feel the same way they do. If the government decided to paint the sky black – and 90% of the people disagree with that idea and wanted the sky painted blue – the government would have to paint the sky blue considering the government is for the people, BY the people. We control everything.

Except our minds…

If we’re convinced that only a very few of us like blue and 90% of us like the idea of a black sky – then why bother speaking up about it? Why revolt? You CAN’T revolt! Who’d revolt WITH you?

This is one of the reasons the media hates Donald Trump. Now before you go crazy this is not a message to promote Donald Trump. This is a message showing why they hate him so much and why they’ll say and do anything to prevent him from continuing to reveal that America is angry.

Donald Trump is blurring the vision that American people, as a whole, are perfectly happy with all the change that’s taking place. Whoever runs and controls this country has worked feverishly with the media to portray the idea that the majority of American citizens are pleased with their government. They hate the fact that they cannot hide the sheer numbers that more or less prove that Americans want change. Real change.

As time goes on more and more people are realizing that the majority in this country are on the same side – that of the people who believe we’ve lost control of our government. I do believe that most of our politicians legitimately want what’s best for America. And I believe that most of our government is honestly doing what it feels is best to secure the future of our country. But we, the people, need more input. Our voices need to be heard. There are a great many highly intelligent and reasonable people amongst us. I see no reason for us to be ignored…

The Media is a Great Tool to Pacify the People
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