The Secret Of My (Hair) Success – Fighting Hair Loss

That was originally the title of this post – and it sounded ridiculous to me since I’ve never been one of those guys with “cool” hair. But I don’t care. I’m going on 45 and I still have it – most of it, anyway. And that’s all I ever wanted (hair-wise). I really don’t care about having a perfect hair style. I’m just glad my head is covered with hair. I’m NOT one of those guys that would look good bald. So hair loss has always been a concern of mine…

I first noticed my hair loss right before high school. It was kind of off to the left side and back of my head. It felt thin – and I freaked out. When I turned 18 I got my first Rogaine prescription. It was about $80 per month back in 1989. Yes, you had to see a doctor to get it. I couldn’t afford any more than one month’s supply – so that didn’t last. I started supplementing and using special shampoos, hair thickeners and various other over the counter preparations to keep my hair and maybe grow some back.

Over the years I tried many different solutions but the only thing I’ve been consistent with is Rogaine. That and washing and conditioning my hair pretty much every day. I truly believe that without Rogaine I’d be bald. I have “diffuse” hair loss – which means I don’t only have the pleasure of thinning at the crown, front or front sides (making the “point” in the middle) – I have it all over.

So my hair is technically thin all over my head – but you could never tell. I do have to finagle it a bit – but if I told you I was worried about going bald – or if you saw me buy Rogaine in the store – you’d either think I normally wear a hair piece, used that “hair powder” (which I do have), had a hair transplant or that I’m insane. I have enough left that my hair actually appears pretty thick. Especially for a 45 year old man. (If it’s still in stock you might be able to get Minoxidil (Rogaine) cheaper here – or even cheaper here.

So what I’ve done over the years is this… I’ve been using Rogaine consistently for decades. I’ve been using the FOAM for as long as it’s been available. It actually helps thicken my hair so not only is it helping me retain what I’ve got – it thickens it. I also shampoo and condition my hair every day – but I haven’t used regular products since I was about 18 years old. I typically buy shampoos and conditioners that are specifically healthy for your hair. There are a lot of great options here.

I don’t know for sure whether washing my hair every day is a good thing or bad thing – but I’ve been doing it all my life. It’s hard to say whether the natural oils in your scalp help or hurt. Shampooing every day will dry your scalp but that’s what conditioner is for.

If your hair is thinning you’ve probably done some research online. I’ve learned that hair grows in cycles so the amount of hair on your head varies throughout the year. I remember freaking out a few years ago noticing my hair getting thinner. I went and bought the hair powder. It works really, really well. But I only ended up using it a couple of times when I went out and thought I’d be under bright light at night. I don’t like the idea of seeing my scalp through my hair – it just bothers me. At any rate – the thickness of my hair improved on it’s own and I’ve never used the powder since.

You’re supposed to use Rogaine twice a day – but I only use it once daily right after a shower. And I often skip weekends. Why? Well, I figure your body gets used to (and immune) to anything you use every day. I believe if I use Rogaine twice a day, every day, my body will eventually “get used to it” and stop working. Then I’d be out of luck.

So what I do is use it somewhat sparingly and if my body ever decides it doesn’t give a poop about my Rogaine anymore – I can always double the dose and use it twice daily. It doesn’t hurt needing to buy it less than half as much as you’re supposed to either – even though it’s very inexpensive these days…

Hair Loss and How I Beat It

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