In this day and age of electing our President based on the color of their skin, their sex or their physical attractiveness – times have certainly changed. Over the past two elections 94% of black people voted for Barack Obama. You think that has nothing to do with color? 94%! That’s almost ALL black people. How many women do you think will vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016? Would it be crazy to assume a similar scenario? Most likely almost ALL women will vote for Hillary Clinton – and many simply because she’s a woman.

In 2008 I asked two different women who didn’t know each other who they were voting for. Both said they were voting for Barack Obama for the exact same reason – using the exact same words: “because he’s cute and black“. I was kinda shocked. That’s how you elect your President? With today’s “yes we can” and “you go girl” voters – I can see people assume their best interests are being looked after simply by electing somebody who appears similar to themselves.

Donald Trump never had a chance. Almost all black voters will vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s an extension of Barack Obama. Almost all women will vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman. All that leaves is white men who will probably split something like 50/50 based on their Republican or Democratic stances.

If Republicans ever want one of their own elected again – they need to start preparing a black woman immediately. Mark my words – Hillary Clinton will be elected President in 2020 no matter how bad a job she does. They have the money, the media, they have nearly all the female voters and black voters who won’t even pay attention to anything she does over the next four years. And then there will be the reasonable female and black voters who actually vote for Clinton based on their understanding of politics and reason-based preference. And that goes for white men as well. I know plenty of men voting for Hillary Clinton and they don’t care what their President looks like or whether it’s a male or female.

So if you have 95% of black people voting for Hillary – and 95% of women voting for Hillary. And 50% of white men voting for Hillary. What’s left? A very small demographic. There’s virtually NO chance of Republican Donald Trump being elected President. And as the Supreme Court has more Democrats in the next several years – how do you think that’s going to affect things moving forward?

And mark my words again, Michelle Obama will be ready to run for President in eight years. How do you think that is going to work? You think the majority of “American” women and black people are going to vote against a black female Presidential candidate? So unless you divide the “lazy, sex-based, color-based and appearance-based” voters – you’re going to have all the same Democrats: Obamas, Clintons (another eight years) and then Obamas again – for the next 16 years – making 24 consecutive years in total – and 32 years out of the past 40 years… Republicans need to work hard on getting a black woman ready to run for President in 2024 if they want ANY chance of keeping some semblance of balance in politics – if that’s even possible at this point. And seeing how absolutely stupid people have become – she’ll need to be physically attractive as well…


Republicans must prepare a black female President immediately
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