The answer to that rhetorical question is a resounding NO. Nope. Not a chance. Nobody amongst men cares. Because as everybody knows – men make lewd comments all the time. Come on, ladies – you don’t remember going to school?


You may not hear it as much these days – because we now live in a politically correct society. Making lewd comments in public can get you into a lot of trouble. Not so much ten years ago when Donald Trump openly made his comments to somebody who happened to be recording him.

Do you REALLY believe that any man with any sort of power doesn’t say the things Donald Trump said? If so – you’re sorely mistaken. The only reason you don’t catch these comments coming from life-time politicians is because they’re aware of the fact that they don’t have the freedom to speak freely in front of anyone – ever. A rich kid who makes ten million dollars a day from his “app” or a billionaire real estate mogul doesn’t have those same concerns.

Men are dogs – or did you forget? We’re animals. We tell nasty jokes and make rude comments. We watch videos of people getting their heads chopped off in the Middle East. Some of us (the real assholes) speed up when they see a cat in the road. You REALLY believe men are upset about what Donald Trump said?

Anyway – the reason I’m writing this is because most of the men (almost all) online spewing their hatred for Donald Trump because he’s addicted to Vagina are only doing so to save their own marriage. The unfortunate side affect of this is that undecided voters are going to take this to heart and vote for Hillary Clinton because they truly believe “Mr. Wonderful” is voting for Hillary and not Trump because of the lewd comments.

Are Husbands really upset about Donald Trump’s lewd comments?

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