We often hear about black on black violent crime. It’s all over the place because of the Black Lives Matter movement bringing racial matters to the mainstream media. But what we don’t hear about is white on white hate – and I’d like to address that for a moment. I’ve never seen so much hatred for white people than I do right here in 2016 – and if you’ve been watching closely you probably won’t be surprised to hear it’s mostly coming from white people. It appears as if nearly half the white people online display a general discontent with their own race – most specifically toward men and their “white male privilege”. So I did some digging…

I’ve been poking around following these people and watching their conversations very closely. It comes to my surprise that it appears they’re actually prejudiced towards black people. They’re under the assumption that 14% of the nation is going to attack and weed out 74% of the nation in a race war. I can only imagine they feel if they can convince the black population that they’re really “on their side” they’ll be “spared” when the “white genocide” occurs.

So what’s causing this white hate? Ultimately, fear of African Americans. That right there is a big part of prejudice. They’re not worried about being attacked by white people. They’re not worried about being hated by white people. They’re just trying to cement their existence in society while their prejudice induced paranoia tells them black people are out to “kill whitey”. There’s been an African American leading the country for the past eight years. If this race war hasn’t happened by now I have to wonder when it’s going to happen. Perhaps after Hillary Clinton becomes President </sarcasm>.

What other reasons do you feel white people hate white people so much in 2016? Perhaps white people really ARE bad. Fill me in…

White On White Hate
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