ME: I have to tell you something but you have to promise me you won’t be mad.

YOU: Okay

ME: You promise?

YOU: Yes

ME: I ran over your dog. He’s dead.

YOU: Oh. Shit. Damn… Well… Try not to do that again – with my next dog.

REALLY?!?! You KNOW VERY WELL, you F’ing HYPOCRITE, that you could not possibly promise you won’t be mad when being asked a question like that. And you know VERY WELL that you’d be mad if I ran over your dog.

But you expect Donald Trump to be perfectly okay with any outcome of an election that we ALREADY KNOW and have VIDEO PROOF that’s being rigged.

Who the TESTICLES CARES if he says “everything” is rigged? We’re not talking about beauty pageants or reality tv shows or whatever else Hillary Clinton brought up last night. We’re talking about the election for the president of the United States of America – and the more and more we have this wonderful technology of hidden video cameras- the more and more we can see the election process is NOT as FAIR as it’s supposed to be.

But we’re all supposed to just take what they give us and be happy about it. Yeah? That’s what you believe? I hope you’re enjoying your life as a slave.

In any event, the election needed NO MORE than ONE QUESTION – the FINAL question. While doing my cardio at the gym this morning I watched all the television screens – and ALL the mainstream media could talk about is that final question. Apparently – NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

THIS is ANOTHER reason people are voting for Donald Trump. And while he’s not very likely to win – for the very reason he’s not assuring us that he’ll be happy with the results however they fall – there are a growing number of people who are becoming very unhappy with “the system” as it stands. There’s only so much lack or trust that can be dealt with before anger erupts into real action…

I have to tell you something but you have to promise me you won’t be mad…
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