In my never-ending quest to topple the most popular blog post in the history of “Blog of Nothing”, entitled, “Hot, Naked Nine Year Old Girls (Click Here!)“, I bring forth another topic for (hopeful) discussion. No, there are no pictures of naked young girls in that post. It’s me jabbering on about Mother’s who try to relive their youth through their Daughter’s little ass by dressing them up like whores. It annoys me. And, yes – it’s Mothers because Fathers don’t dress their Daughters like that unless they’re in the mood to test their new shotgun on a human target.

That all being said, let’s talk about sexual predators. I know about now some of you women assume that all men are secretly sex predators. On one hand, I don’t blame you. On the other hand, that’s the farthest thing from the truth. There is a segment, a very large segment, of men in America who are God fearing, believe in Karma, and – believe it or not – treat other people the way they want to be treated.

Yes, miraculously, there are one or two men on this planet who were brought up by good Mothers (I’m one of them and my Brother is the other) who taught them right from wrong, “how to treat a lady”, and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. These are typically Christian men. At least they are in my world. And I don’t get out much so please respond and let me know if I’m leaving anybody out.

Anyway. It seems to me (and again, correct me if I’m wrong) that Liberals, Leftists, and to a lesser extent – Democrats – are losing their faith in the existence of God. I’m not a bible pusher or one of those crazy extremist Catholics. I believe in God but I readily admit that I don’t follow any “specific” religion because I don’t know which one is right. But I do believe there’s a creator because I see too much evidence around me every day. There’s just no way human beings, or even animals, were an accident. Not in my mind. I’m convinced.

Now all that being said (I know, I keep saying that) – who’s telling us that God doesn’t exist? Hollywood.


Hollywood doesn’t want to believe in God. Hollywood is full of extremely rich and powerful, evil men who want to live their life to the very fullest and do whatever they want to whoever they want. If there’s no God, then there’s no Devil. If there’s no Devil and when we die – we just cease to exist with no consequences for our actions – why not just do whatever we please in this life? Remember, not everyone lives by that rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. I do because I simply see no reason to treat people as inferior to me or treat people with less respect than I expect to be given to me. I mean – that’s the right way to be. Isn’t it?


All you women who hate men, ESPECIALLY you Liberal women who hate Conservative men (because Trump or whatever), you should really think twice about that. Most Conservative men believe in God, are God fearing and have with a relationship with God. These men want to show God that they’re worthy of His/Her love and appreciation. And when they die, they want to go to Heaven and see all their loved ones again. These men want to be rewarded for their good service to God, to people, and to all living things.

Or go ahead and keep hating God-believing, Conservative men and stand against them/us while your Liberal, Religion-hating men keep f$#king their neighbors and secretaries behind your back…

Let’s Talk About Sexual Predators

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