is your husband stupidI like the movie, “Deck the Halls”. It’s kind of a fun, funny, family movie. Not my favorite – but I’ll probably watch it every year around Christmas time. If you haven’t seen it, Matthew Broderick (Steve) and Danny DeVito (Danny) are fighting through the whole movie as Danny moves into town and feels bad that his neighbor’s house – owned by Steve – can be seen in satellite imagery from space.

Danny decides to light up his house for Christmas in such a way that it can actually be seen from space. It’s crazy and funny. The whole time these two goofy guys are making all kinds of obvious family mistakes – and it’s really not all that out of the ordinary. And when the two competitive neighbors start to clash – it makes for an interesting story.

Anyway, at one point both wives decide to take the kids and leave until the two husbands can figure out how to make up and be normal neighbors. As Steve’s wife pulls away, he asks, “What will I eat?”. I know. It’s funny. They had to throw that in there. The dumb husband has become so reliant on his wife that he’s not sure how he’ll survive without eating. I guess it’s supposed to be funny because it’s outrageous. Or is it?

Do you have one of these dumb husbands who’d actually ask this as you drove away? If you do, you probably married the wrong man. Do you know of somebody who has a husband this stupid? Tell me in the comments…

How To Tell If You Married The Wrong Man

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