I see a lot of people here in America – hating America lately. I see people complaining about Capitalism. I see people complaining that the government isn’t helping them enough. Don’t get me wrong – some people qualify for assistance – but most are fully capable of not only earning a good living on their own – but becoming, at least to some extent, “rich”…

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been watching immigrants come to the U.S. and earn a great living. The country they come from isn’t wealthy like ours – and they aren’t used to the riches and luxuries of a wealthy nation. Perhaps this is to their advantage.

Let’s take China for example. Outside of big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, China is a poor country. Chinese people living in rich cities don’t move to America. Why would they? Shanghai is like New York City. It’s rich. They work hard and party hard. They drive nice cars. They wear nice clothes. They’re the same as us.

But the rest of the country lives very differently. When is the last time we had famine in America? Right…

So the poor Chinese come to America because they hear it’s “the land of opportunity”. It is! Somehow, you’ve just forgotten this. They come here, get a work Visa, find a job (certainly nothing glamorous), save their money, and buy a house – in cash… The American dream. Seriously. Really. They do this…

So why do others have such a problem? Perhaps it has something to do with intelligent quotient (IQ -a number representing a person’s reasoning ability). Perhaps some people just aren’t capable of blending in with “civilization”. And that’s certainly not a dig at immigrants. I see a lot of Americans that fall into this category.

So what is it that, for example, Chinese people understand that others don’t? Well, let’s talk about that for a moment. For one thing, they don’t need to drive fancy cars. Where they come from – they generally don’t drive. They walk and ride bicycles. So any car – typically a Toyota Camry – is pretty darn luxurious, as far as they’re concerned. And they don’t need to impress their neighbors.

They don’t waste money going out to dinner and partying on the weekends. Heck, they’ve never done this in all their life. Why would/should they start now? They see this as a waste of money. They work hard all week to make a few hundred dollars. They’re going to spend half of it on a Friday night? Ridiculous!

As a matter of fact, in China, they pretty much don’t do a darned thing. They work, they eat to survive, and they sleep. That’s it. So they come here to America, as immigrants in the “land of opportunity”, save nearly every dime they make outside of spending money on the essentials, and then they go buy a house – in cash. No rent. No mortgage. Taxes? Tiny – because they don’t buy big homes. But they’re living “the American dream”.

So why can’t other immigrants? And why can’t AMERICANS? Good question… Perhaps it’s time to stop hating the land of opportunity – and working hard – so you can become rich – like an immigrant…

America is Still the Land of Opportunity
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