The Burger King Taco.

When I learned about the Burger King Taco a week ago, I, I don’t know, didn’t really think all that much about it. But, I’m a foodaholic – so I eventually had to give it a try. Plus, I kinda like Burger King. So why not?

Before I really got the urge, I did some research. I read a few articles online to see what people had to say. You know – reviews. The reviews sucked. They didn’t tell me what I wanted to know. I wanted to know if they were more like Taco Bell or Jack’s (aka Jack in the Box).

The reviews did compare them to the Jack’s taco – but they left me believing the Burger King taco was really, technically, nothing like the Jack’s version.

burger king taco vs jack in the box taco

The Burger King Taco is almost exactly the same as the Jack’s taco. Anyone who grew up with a Jack in the Box near them – who no longer have one close by – needs to go and celebrate the Burger King taco. Now all we need is the KFC Chicken Little (the original) to return…

Okay, so the taco shell is different. The Jack’s taco shell is better. But if you’re looking for a fix, you’ll look passed this. It’s not really all that different – just different enough that you’ll identify it. The shell is thicker. The rest of the taco is virtually the same – outside of the lettuce being fresh. Yes, the lettuce is fresh and not deep fried with the taco like the Jack’s version.

With the Burger King taco, you still get that greasy center area where the meat (and whatever else) sits and soaks into the taco shell. Another difference is that in the Jack’s taco, I believe, the cheese is mixed into the meat – along with sour cream – and the whole thing is all merged together. With the Burger King taco, the cheese is separate – and I don’t believe there’s any sour cream – but I’m not 100% certain. Still, besides the taco shell, it tasted the same as I remember the Jack’s taco. There’s some hot sauce in the mix – but it’s really not “hot” per se. It tastes good, though…

When all is said and done, if there were a Jack in the Box and a Burger King next door to one another, you’d go to Jack’s for your taco fix. But that’s not to say the Burger King taco isn’t any good. It’s good. It’s very good. Go eat a few, you MF’er, you…

picture of the burger king taco picture of the burger king taco

Burger King Taco
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