The End.

Young people can’t survive because of ridiculous college debt and extremely high rent prices – not to mention the cost of everything else. Because of this, they want Socialism to level the playing field.

A large portion of middle class people will be losing their jobs due to technology advances over the next 5 to 10 years. They will also be calling for Socialism to level the playing field.

Mark my words. It. Is. Over. All of it. Stop spending your money on unnecessary things. Save as much as you can, work hard, and prepare to leave the country. It’s only a matter of time that this is nothing like the country you grew up in. It. Is. Over.

Be glad you’re not a millennial. If you’re a lucky millennial like Mark Zuckerberg, of course, you’ll be fine. If you’re like the typical Millennial, there is no hope. There’s not enough time to do anything but hope for Socialism. Unfortunately, they won’t be happy when they get it.

If you’re older, you’re already ahead of the game. Save, save, save – and prepare to leave. Or don’t. And do your best to pretend you made the right decision…

America is Still the Land of Opportunity


I see a lot of people here in America – hating America lately. I see people complaining about Capitalism. I see people complaining that the government isn’t helping them enough. Don’t get me wrong – some people qualify for assistance – but most are fully capable of not only earning a good living on their own – but becoming, at least to some extent, “rich”…

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been watching immigrants come to the U.S. and earn a great living. The country they come from isn’t wealthy like ours – and they aren’t used to the riches and luxuries of a wealthy nation. Perhaps this is to their advantage.

Let’s take China for example. Outside of big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, China is a poor country. Chinese people living in rich cities don’t move to America. Why would they? Shanghai is like New York City. It’s rich. They work hard and party hard. They drive nice cars. They wear nice clothes. They’re the same as us.



I guess I’ll make my last blog post of the year about Feminism. It seems like 2017 was the year of Feminism. Like most things, there’s one half of Feminism that makes sense – and the other half. The other half is typically the more obnoxious, crazy woman that yells louder – so we’re hearing far more from the crazy half than the normal half. But the good half is still out there…
One thing I’ve found strange is that it’s essentially bad to tell a woman she’s pretty as of 2017. I know it depends on your approach. Wait, I probably shouldn’t use the word “approach”. That sounds like a trigger word. Yes, I understand all of that… So – it depends on how you go about telling a woman she’s pretty. This is just one example and I’m focusing on it because I find it odd and interesting that women are “appalled” and “disgusted” by men telling them they’re pretty.
The thing is… A man telling a woman she’s pretty doesn’t automatically equate to him wanting to push her over and ram his male personal part :p up her back door. More often than not, there’s no hidden meaning of “I wanna F you in the A”. (I guess this will be a PG rated post). A good portion of these guys just want to brighten up your day and see you smile. Okay, okay, back up. They just want to “make” you smile. Because the man “seeing” you smile is all about his own gratification… (El Oh El – There is just way too much thought being put into all of this…)