Are Husbands really upset about Donald Trump’s lewd comments?

The answer to that rhetorical question is a resounding NO. Nope. Not a chance. Nobody amongst men cares. Because as everybody knows – men make lewd comments all the time. Come on, ladies – you don’t remember going to school?


You may not hear it as much these days – because we now live in a politically correct society. Making lewd comments in public can get you into a lot of trouble. Not so much ten years ago when Donald Trump openly made his comments to somebody who happened to be recording him.

Do you REALLY believe that any man with any sort of power doesn’t say the things Donald Trump said? If so – you’re sorely mistaken. The only reason you don’t catch these comments coming from life-time politicians is because they’re aware of the fact that they don’t have the freedom to speak freely in front of anyone – ever. A rich kid who makes ten million dollars a day from his “app” or a billionaire real estate mogul doesn’t have those same concerns. (read more)

White On White Hate

We often hear about black on black violent crime. It’s all over the place because of the Black Lives Matter movement bringing racial matters to the mainstream media. But what we don’t hear about is white on white hate – and I’d like to address that for a moment. I’ve never seen so much hatred for white people than I do right here in 2016 – and if you’ve been watching closely you probably won’t be surprised to hear it’s mostly coming from white people. It appears as if nearly half the white people online display a general discontent with their own race – most specifically toward men and their “white male privilege”. So I did some digging…

I’ve been poking around following these people and watching their conversations very closely. It comes to my surprise that it appears they’re actually prejudiced towards black people. They’re under the assumption that 14% of the nation is going to attack and weed out 74% of the nation in a race war. I can only imagine they feel if they can convince the black population that they’re really “on their side” they’ll be “spared” when the “white genocide” occurs. (read more)

Republicans must prepare a black female President immediately

In this day and age of electing our President based on the color of their skin, their sex or their physical attractiveness – times have certainly changed. Over the past two elections 94% of black people voted for Barack Obama. You think that has nothing to do with color? 94%! That’s almost ALL black people. How many women do you think will vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016? Would it be crazy to assume a similar scenario? Most likely almost ALL women will vote for Hillary Clinton – and many simply because she’s a woman.

In 2008 I asked two different women who didn’t know each other who they were voting for. Both said they were voting for Barack Obama for the exact same reason – using the exact same words: “because he’s cute and black”. I was kinda shocked. That’s how you elect your President? With today’s “yes we can” and “you go girl” voters – I can see people assume their best interests are being looked after simply by electing somebody who appears similar to themselves.