Scam calls – say goodbye to this annoyance forever…

Scam calls – say goodbye to this annoyance forever…

I used to get ALL the scam calls. Constantly. Every day. All hours. I’m on the stupid “do not call” registries and lists and/or whatever they are. They don’t work. At least not for me. So I had to do something. What I did is find an app for my cell phone (my main line) that’ll allow me to send all callers not on my contacts list directly to voice mail. Here’s the message they hear…

If it’s actually important to get through to me – you’ll simply leave me a voice mail and I’ll call you back – and add you to my contacts list. Now, next time you call, my phone will ring. Scammers have never left me a voice mail because they know I’m not going to call them back. And if they DO leave me a voice mail, I’ll just block their ability to leave me further voice mails. Easily.

So this has completely, 100% stopped the scam calls in their tracks. My phone never rings unless it’s from somebody I want or need to hear from. And I know they occasionally still try (probably a first timer) because when I’m logged into Google Voice on my computer, my computer “rings” – because I don’t have that block feature on my computer. Two things about that: (read more)

I have to tell you something but you have to promise me you won’t be mad…

ME: I have to tell you something but you have to promise me you won’t be mad.

YOU: Okay

ME: You promise?

YOU: Yes

ME: I ran over your dog. He’s dead.

YOU: Oh. Shit. Damn… Well… Try not to do that again – with my next dog.

REALLY?!?! You KNOW VERY WELL, you F’ing HYPOCRITE, that you could not possibly promise you won’t be mad when being asked a question like that. And you know VERY WELL that you’d be mad if I ran over your dog.

But you expect Donald Trump to be perfectly okay with any outcome of an election that we ALREADY KNOW and have VIDEO PROOF that’s being rigged. (read more)

Locker Room Talk – Behind Closed Doors

Suzy Q. DeLucci here! Thank for joining us today at See Bee Ess News where you can actually SEE the Bee Ess. And today we’re going to discuss so called “locker room talk”. As we’ve all seen already the Donald Trump video from eleven years ago where he talks about the fact that women (many, not all) will allow Hollywood movie stars, rock stars and sports figures to freely grope them at will.

Of course, we don’t believe that men really talk like this behind closed doors. So we’re going to GO behind closed doors today to see what real men talk about in locker rooms. Okay, so follow me into this famous sports teams locker room and let’s see what’s going on in there. Right this way…

Oh, look! Here we have a conversation going on between Bobby “Buttfuçǩer” Maloney and Tony Testosterone. Let’s see what they’re talking about… (read more)