Mexicans, Mexicans, Mexicans…

catching mexicans

I’m going to twist your mind a little bit. Is that okay? Would ya mind? No? Great. Thank you… So… We know there’s a lot going on with the border wall and deportation and this and that… I know. And I could be mistaken but it does seem like there’s a disproportionate amount of violent crime that comes from immigrants as opposed to those who’ve lived here all their life. Correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t mind being wrong. If I’m wrong, you need to correct me. That’s how people learn.

So perhaps I’ve been misled, but it appears a lot of our crime, especially violent crime, happens at the hands of immigrants. When I say immigrants, that doesn’t mean “Mexicans”. There are all kinds of immigrants in this country. That’s what America has been about since, like, ten years ago. (:p) Anyway… So one area where we have a lot of immigration – especially illegal immigration – is Mexico. So there’s an obvious push to stop people flooding in from Mexico. Our way of life is very different here and it takes a lot of learning and experience to assimilate into our culture and way of life. It’s challenging for any immigrant.

But let’s focus on Mexicans for the time being… And let me change the story for a minute. Just a minute!