I can’t stop having sex with multiple prostitutes simultaneously on a daily basis.

Backpage won’t accept Visa and Mastercard anymore. So now my friggin’ Mazda For Sale ad can’t be “bumped up” to the top for the $2.00 that I’d normally pay – because I don’t have a credit card that Backpage.com accepts. No, American Express won’t work either.

All the major credit card companies have banned Backpage.com transactions – because people are still having sex. Oh, God – save the children! Two consenting adults are having sex and somebody is making money that can’t be taxed because it’s a cash transaction.

You do realize that THAT sole reason is why sex is illegal if there’s any money involved. What other reason would there be? Because the government cares – about – … about … I don’t know. About what? When a man takes a woman out for dinner and the movies – and has sex with her afterwards — that’s okay?