The Miami Yankees

miami yankees

Like most New Yorkers, the Yankees have moved to Florida… The Miami Yankees are the winningest team in Major League Baseball history with twenty-seven World Series championships in forty appearances since 1903. Yes, there’s a lot of history to go along with Yankee baseball. Isn’t there…? Babe Ruth. Mickey Mantle. Lou Gehrig. Yogi Berra. Joe DiMaggio. There are so many more and a practically endless list of recent stars…

Okay, so maybe the Yankees aren’t literally moving to Florida. But it feels a little like that to me. One of my all-time Yankee favorites, All-Star and should-be Hall of Famer Don Mattingly manages the team. And now All-Star and likely 2020 Hall of Famer Derek Jeter owns the team. It’s feeling more and more like New York down here every year.

Miami Marlins stadium fills more and more with Yankees fans who’ve moved here from New York every year. I look forward to see how Derek Jeter moves forward with the team. What do you think? Are you okay after almost having a heart attack thinking the Yankees actually moved to Florida? Sorry about that. 😮