Republicans must prepare a black female President immediately

In this day and age of electing our President based on the color of their skin, their sex or their physical attractiveness – times have certainly changed. Over the past two elections 94% of black people voted for Barack Obama. You think that has nothing to do with color? 94%! That’s almost ALL black people. How many women do you think will vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016? Would it be crazy to assume a similar scenario? Most likely almost ALL women will vote for Hillary Clinton – and many simply because she’s a woman.

In 2008 I asked two different women who didn’t know each other who they were voting for. Both said they were voting for Barack Obama for the exact same reason – using the exact same words: “because he’s cute and black”. I was kinda shocked. That’s how you elect your President? With today’s “yes we can” and “you go girl” voters – I can see people assume their best interests are being looked after simply by electing somebody who appears similar to themselves.