Get The OnePlus Two Smartphone Without An Invite – NOW!

oneplus two

I have a lot of phones. To name a few, I’ve got ALL the iPhones except the “six”. After I met Android – I gave up on it… So besides iPhones – I have a Google LG Nexus 4, a Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 – I HAD an S6 but returned it because it kept crashing on me (especially the web browser), an HTC One M7, a MotoX 2013 and 2014, a OnePlus One — and I can’t remember the other ones at this very moment. But I have a lot of phones. The TWO that I KEEP switching back and forth from are the MotoX 2014 and OnePlus One.

Why? The MotoX is the most convenience phone to me. I shake it and take a picture – THAT quickly. Other phones have slightly better cameras but if I’m not quick enough to get the shot – that doesn’t matter much. Another nice feature is how it can tell when you’re driving and read out text messages sent to you and allow you to respond with only your voice – which is a great feature. There are a few other unique MotoX features but those two are my favorite. Besides that – the battery life is “good” and everything works. I’m a power-user so having a device that doesn’t start acting funny when I add all the apps I want onto it – is crucial.