The Problem With Millennials


I figured out the “millennial problem” – and it’s not exactly their own fault. Partially, yes. But their parents are the bigger issue. I know millennials who have their act together. And I know millennials who don’t. Those with parents who didn’t give a crap about the law – in other words – would reprimand their children with a good slap every once in a while – seem to be doing just fine…
The rest, not so much. The problem was/is discipline. And I wonder if these millennials will bring up their own children in the same way – without discipline.
Is it possible to discipline your children without giving them that good wack once in a while? Probably. Sure. But those who did “get it” don’t seem to have a problem with it. We knew what we did, why we did it and why our parents gave us that wack with their belt, wooden spoon or bare hand.