My Thoughts on the Horsepower War

My Thoughts on the Horsepower War

Ya know… I’m not a big fan of Chrysler. Or Dodge. Or Plymouth. Or whatever the “F” they’re called or who owns them these days. It seems they’re always owned by somebody new. As if nobody wants to own them for too long. I’ve only owned one – and there’s a reason – it was an unreliable car (brand new Chrysler 300C) and the service was utter F’n unbelievable GARBAGE. Worst service I’d ever experienced. Even worse than Honda. And that’s saying something because Honda service is what you deserve if you’ve lived a life of sin and gone to Hell for it.

All that being said, I have to say – I have a lot of respect for Dodge (I don’t know who owns them anymore because they keep changing owners and I don’t care enough to do the research. Fiat or something?!) for bringing us the Hellcat and Demon cars.

One of the things that’s “irked” me for a long time is the horsepower wars. Mercedes-Benz. BMW. Audi. Cadillac. Anyone else? Did I forget somebody? Jaguar? “F” Jaguar. They suck.

The United States is a Huge Problem for the One World Order Initiative

The United States is a Huge Problem for the One World Order Initiative

If I told you that there are people who want to rule the world – you’d believe me. Wouldn’t you? Of course you would. Very rich and powerful people are paying very popular and INFLUENTIAL people to convince our youth to favor a socialist government. And it’s working! Just look what our colleges are teaching students!

The United States is a HUGE PROBLEM for the people who want to rule the world. They know that the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave” would NEVER agree to blending our country into a one world nation so that one group of people can make all the choices and decisions for the entire planet.

We have RIGHTS as American citizens! You know what?! I feel sorry for people who were not born here or who cannot move here – because their government doesn’t give them the same freedoms as ours does. But that is not our fault. Let OUR great nation influence theirs – not the other way around…

The Effing Internet Up-Sell

I was thinking about the whole up-sell thing – which I hate – but understand. I hate it because most people hate it. Nobody wants to be up-sold. When normal, every day, ordinary people go to buy a car – they want to buy exactly what they want. Exactly what they priced out when they came to limit in their budget. They don’t want to be talked into crap they don’t need.

When you bring your automobile in for service, you don’t like the fact that the service writer/advisor’s sole purpose is to up-sell you something you don’t need. Brakes before you need them. A synthetic oil change that you don’t need – before you need it. A special, stupid coating on your paint and windows… It setty roar, it setty roar, it setty roar…

These “OH MY G0O0O00D! OH MY GODDDD! DON”T LEAVE MY SITE YAAT!11!1111!!!! I HAVE SOMETHING MUCH BETTER THAN THE THING I JUST SOLD YOU ON!1!1!11” message people see just before they’re about to submit their payment – just pisses people off.